“I immediately agreed with Shanaz’s proposal to work with green shades. I love the colors of nature! And the result may be seen. The furniture that Shanaz chose is also beautiful. She put a lot of time into the right upholstery so that they completely fit into the overall picture. I really feel at home in my apartment!”

“Shanaz Razik’s strongest asset is undoubtedly her communication. She kept me well informed of the status of the works the whole time. If there were any problems, I was quickly informed and Shanaz always came up with a good solution. Thanks to her extensive experience and her permanent network of contractors, she was always able to respond quickly. There were hardly any delays.

“I was blown off my socks when I saw the end result. So many beautiful details, and what a nice presentation at the delivery! Shanaz Razik is an incredibly driven and passionate interior designer with a lot of experience and expertise. I can recommend anyone to work with her!


“We had a very good feeling right from the initial contact about Shanaz Razik’s approach and method of working. She asked plenty of specific questions so she could immediately get an idea of our hopes and dreams. We decided very quickly to trust her with our renovation project.”

“The very first design presented by Shanaz gave us an instant wow-feeling. It was exactly what we had in mind. So stylish, realistic and detailed!”

“Shanaz followed the complete project to perfection. She communicated clearly, kept the budget under control and solved problems quickly. We wouldn’t have been able to bring this project to a satisfactory completion without the help and expertise of our interior architect. We enjoy our new interior every single day!”


“Shanaz is very flexible, which made it very pleasant to work with her. She is responsible for the overall picture and has a great eye for detail. She helped us very well with the choice of materials and furniture, so we didn’t have to lie awake from this ourselves”.

“Shanaz always kept us very well informed of the state of affairs during the work. This gave us great confidence that the end result would be excellent”.

“Our interior is now really the way we wanted it. We feel peace and coziness when we come home, something we didn’t have before. Thank you, Shanaz!”


“During the initial meeting we received a clear explanation of the approach, the style, the work method … What we greatly appreciated during the entire process was Shanaz’s honesty and passion.”

“Shanaz’s love for her work reflects in the design. Every detail had to be perfect, as if it was for her own home. The end result perfectly matches the 3D visualizations that we got to see. She exceeded all our expectations.”

“We never had the feeling that Shanaz had other clients. True, there were some errors by the implementing parties, but the end result makes you forget all the troubles. It feels like home!”

Zottegem 03

“Shanaz has a great eye for detail. They add enormous value to the end result. The subcontractors she works with also know this from her and I have the impression that this makes them more accurate in their work”.

“When it comes to communication, Shanaz is really great. She is always on the ball, both to contractors and customers. She had a very tight schedule in mind and managed to meet it. In about four months the project was completed: I don’t think it can be much more efficient than that.

“I would describe Shanaz Razik as ‘boldly customer friendly. She has a clear vision for the interior design, tailored to the wishes of the customer and complemented with her own surprising accents. Her site follow-up is excellent, and she works with reliable subcontractors who have a perfect command of their trade”.


“It was pretty obivious during our initial talks with Shanaz Razik that we were on the same wavelength. Shanaz understood exactly where we wanted to go with our interior. We didn’t contact any other interior architects and decided immediatley to start our project with her.”

“Shanaz’s designs were right on point from the start. We were particularly impressed by the detailed elaboration and realistic presentations. Shanaz had taken everything into account that we had asked for.”

“The communication went smoothly and Shanaz was always there when we needed her advice or had to solve a problem. She really left nothing to chance. There is no doubt in our minds that we will work again with her for our next project!”


“We immediately liked the style of the designs we saw on the website: fairly streamlined and not too classic. Shanaz has elaborated her ideas in an original design based on our budget.”

“We were bought into contact with professionals, we visited specialty lighting and window treatment showrooms together and we got plenty of examples and samples to see.”

“The implementation of the chosen design was flawless. We are still very satisfied with our new interior, we feel very much at ‘home’!”


“We have worked with Shanaz twice: once to renovate the interior of our home and the second time to freshen up an apartment. Both assignments had a totally different, surprising end result. This is the best proof that every interior has a uniqe touch at Shanaz Razik Interior Architect

“Shanaz is very creative and places special accents in her designs, which adds value to our interiors. We felt as if we were living in a brand-new home and immediately felt good in the interior.

“Shanaz’s approach is excellent. She listened carefully to our wishes and we were always able to have open discussions. She followed the work very closely and we really felt that she took it personally and this was her assignment as well. She did everything as she would do to her own home, leaving no stone unturned. After our first collaboration we did not hesitate for a second to work with her again”.