Full service


Total concept with an eye for details

After initialization of your project with Shanaz Razik Interior architect, it all starts by getting to know your specific needs and wishes for your interior. Your design is worked out in various steps starting with several sketches and a mood board. This is to make sure that I am on the right track to designing your dream interior. The chosen sketch will then be implemented into detailed 2D plans and photo realistic 3D visualizations. This enables you to see exactly what your interior will look like, even before it is implemented. This presentation is also aided by samples of all chosen materials and documentation where applicable.

Renovating or building without stress

8 out of 10 clients trust me with their full service interior design project. Do you want to build or renovate your home but don’t have the time or perhaps the knowledge to follow it up? Ever built or renovated before and known the stress it can bring to your already busy life? Allow me to step in as an interior architect and project coordinator and take care of your project from A to Z. This means that you can let go and enjoy your daily life.

Technical plans and quotations

Once you are happy with the interior design, I will provide you with the technical plans for the implementation. I work with a trusted team of contractors, suppliers and manufacturers who can deliver on the same qualities and services that I require. I ensure that they provide you with detailed quotes. I go through the quotes in detail with you avoiding any surprises at the end of the project. The implementation phase to building your dream interior is initiated with these steps.

Don’t hire my services. Hire me for an experience of a white glove service. A service of a well thought of design and a stress-free renovation

If I can make your day to day life easier, give you space to be the best that you are, at work and in your private life, and still provide you with your dream home, I have done my work well

What I do for my clients is to hold their hand and lead their project. I will not let go even when the going gets tough. I will only let go when their project is picture perfect in their eyes and mine

Project planning and follow-up

A detailed planning for the works is made once you approve the quotations. I co–ordinate all the work, check them at site and guide contractors and suppliers for you. You will receive regular site and budget reports keeping you up to date about the status of your project. Any additional questions you may have about your project can expect a response within 24 hours. This method ensures that you are updated about your project and can follow your project on the side lines.


Systematic project management

Projects exceeding their planning, contractors not showing up, mistakes on site, … renovation is never a smooth process. I have followed international programs to be able to follow up with my projects systematically and rely on tried and proven results. To be able to do this I only take on a limited amount of full service projects per year to ensure that your project will be followed up, as it should. My goals are a personal approach towards my clients, transparent communication and an eye for details. It is my job to ensure that your home gets your dream interior implemented!

Evaluation of your interior design project

Thanks to the detailed proposals and interim budget reports you will not have any unpleasant surprises at the end of the construction project. After the delivery of your interior design project I will provide you with a complete client file and a financial statement. We will also make a thorough evaluation of your project and experience, so that we can finish the entire project in style.


Work with Shanaz Razik

Full Service

Ever wonder what it would be like to achieve your dream home without being overwhelmed and stressed out? Everything taken care of just for you?


Looking to make some changes to your home but not in the mood to make irreversible mistakes and costly mis purchases? Wished you could just talk to someone about your ideas and get some input?


A partnership that brings value to both parties, where both our works are better through the other, where a strong end result is provided to the final client. A dream home ready to be published